Junk Removal

Barten Bros. Junk & Clean Up specializes in Junk Removal. With guaranteed appointment windows, professional uniformed staff, well-maintained equipment, and smiling faces, Barten Bros is the number one junk removal company in Point Pleasant and surrounding areas.

Junk & clutter builds up in residential garages, basements, attics, & other rooms slowly over time until it becomes overwhelming. Before you know it the task at hand is simply too enormous to tackle single handedly.

It can also be very stressful. Personal attachment that people feel towards their belongings can create emotional distress. This is one of the many reasons people call on Barten Bros Junk & Clean up for their junk removal needs. Our teams are trained and experienced in taking the emotion out of junk removal.

Even if you’re not emotionally attached to your stuff, one of the most common reasons for the buildup of clutter and debris is the time needed to properly dispose of it. There is a real time commitment necessary to get rid of large, heavy items – not to mention the means of transporting it to the proper facility for disposal or donation. When it comes right down to it, much of the accumulated junk, debris, and trash found in residential properties is there because the owner or tenant simply had no time or means to remove whatever has built up over time.

We all have busy lives. Before we realize it, the constant inflow of boxes, new products, updates, upgrades, and general life out paces the outflows of trash & recycling services. Barten Bros. Junk & Clean Up is here to help.

Barten Bros. Junk & Clean Up specializes in helping homeowners and landlords clear their property of the unwanted items, junk, & debris. No matter how large or small your job may be, the professional crews at Barten Bros. Junk & Clean Up will come to your property, give you an onsite quote for the needed services, and get to work immediately – our teams pride themselves on helping people make the best use of their two most valuable assets: Time & space.

You simply tell us what goes and we take care of the rest. Hassle free junk removal, fast, and efficient service. Call Barten Bros. Junk & Clean Up today!